My top tips for clothes shopping online!!

Those that know me will appreciate that I’m not an online shopping  novice… I’d probably say I’m a black belt in online shopping.  My husband has been infinitely patient with the numerous trips to the post office to drop off return parcels for me, and he always keeps the proof of postage, major brownie points!

Anyway, I’ve been keeping a note of some of the things I do when I shop online that have become habitual and will hopefully help you to find what you want, in the right size, at the best price.  Here they are…

Download a shopping app or 5

Shopping apps exist for almost every clothing store you can think of, they make browsing on your phone whilst in the doctors’ waiting room or on the train to work so much easier and quicker.  And best of all you can favourite items that you like the look of for future further investigation.

My current favourite apps are Zara, H&M and the Outnet.

Look at the model!

Not in a weird way but really look at them, what body shape do they have?  What height are they? (some websites tell you this), what size do they wear?  If they are several inches taller than you, then that dress will not be as short on you!

Also watch the “catwalk” video if there is one, this gives you more of an idea of how the piece fits and how the fabric moves.  If you’re looking at a light coloured piece then try and see if they are wearing a bra (!) this helps you tell how see-through the fabric is.

All these things should help you decide whether that gorgeous dress will look as hot on you as it does on her.  I have learnt this the hard way and believe me it saves the disappointment and general shit feeling that we are all guilty of at times when something just doesn’t look anything like it did on the model when you try it on.

Bottom line is, some styles don’t suit everyone and if, for example, like me you just can’t wear strapless dresses / tops, then it’s time to accept it and find alternatives that do suit your body type… enter the “bardot” or “off the shoulder” dresses – much more flattering for me.  I’m sure you all have a similar example in mind!

My size is out of stock!!!

So, you’ve forgotten to refine by size and find something you think you love, but crap, it’s out of stock in your size. Some people may not consider this a real life problem, but I feel your pain.   Don’t panic!! Try other stockists, asos, department stores such as House of Fraser, Debenhams, John Lewis and Selfridges all stock lots of high street brands and have come to my rescue many times before.

Some apps will email and alert you once your size is back in stock, such as Zara, so take advantage!

If all else fails, try ebay!  Someone somewhere might be trying to shift the exact item you are trying to acquire!

Are you getting the best price?

This is the same idea as when your size is out of stock, just visit a few other stockists and see if they have any discounts.  Debenhams often have a blue cross sale, House of Fraser have regular brand events where there is 20% off all brands.

Reward schemes can be worth a go too, Asos have one called “ASOS A List” where the more you shop with them, the more points you receive which are then converted into vouchers each month.  So if you are a regular “ASOS-er” then checking if they stock what you’re after makes sense.

If you don’t already, sign up to a cash back site like quidco, where you can earn cash back from many online retailers, it all adds up!  This is beginning to sound a bit like a money saving expert post…

These are just a few of my tips for now as I don’t want to send you to sleep!

I’d love to hear some of your online shopping tips too, so please comment and I will write again with details of some of my favourites.

Thanks for reading xx



Welcome to project “over 30”

Since I hit the big 3-0 I’ve found myself questioning what I wear a great deal more than ever before.  Maybe it’s the combination of becoming a mum in my late 20’s and then turning 30 but for some reason I thought I should suddenly start snubbing Topshop in favour of per una (M&S) and generally start dressing in a more “acceptable” way, whatever that is!

I’m now 34, and over the last 4 years I’ve gradually come to the conclusion that “acceptable” can fuck off.  What I really want is to feel happy in what I wear, comfortable and from time to time maybe even sexy… and I’ve found that sometimes this is possible.

I’m not entirely sure where this blog will go, it may just be my mundane ramblings that no one wants to read but act as therapy for me, or who knows I might become a “blogging queen”.  Either way as long as I am enjoying it I will keep it up  xxx